April Newsletter

Aloha AIS School Community,

As we start the fourth quarter, I am filled with pride in what we have achieved together as a school community thus far. It’s incredible to reflect on the journey we’ve shared, marked by growth, resilience, and unwavering dedication to excellence.

The fourth quarter represents a pivotal moment in our academic calendar—a time when we harness the momentum we’ve built and channel it into focused determination to finish strong. It’s a period where every class, every assignment, and every interaction matters as we work collaboratively towards our shared goals. It is also a time where our learning is measured during the testing period. Families and students please do your best to showcase what you have learned academically by getting a good rest and eating right before the tests. We also look forward to many students sharing what they have learned with performances, projects, competitions, etc. They all make our AIS community proud.

I encourage each and every student to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead with enthusiasm and determination. Let’s approachthis last quarter with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to personal and academic growth.

To our dedicated staff, mahalo for your unwavering support and dedication to our students’ success. Your commitment to excellence to inspire, shape and support our future leaders of tomorrow is greatly appreciated.

Families, your ongoing partnership and involvement in your child’s education are invaluable. Your support at home plays a crucial role in reinforcing the values of hard work, responsibility, and perseverance that we strive to instill in our students. Together, let’s make this fourth quarter a memorable and successful one culminating at our annual Rites of Passage for 8th graders on May 30, 2024.
With Aloha,
James Kau, Principal Aiea Intermediate School