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Mission Statement

With a commitment to excellence, 
Aiea Intermediate School provides a safe, caring environment where students can receive a quality education. The home, school, and community participate as partners to ensure that all students have an opportunity to maximize their own unique potential. Mutual respect and self-worth are fostered as essential qualities. Emphasis is placed on enabling each student to adapt to change, to recognize the value of lifelong learning, and to become a contributing member of a global society.

Vision Statement

The vision of Aiea Intermediate School is striking in its simplicity. It is a place where children learn in an environment that is both pleasant and stimulating. Pleasant because teachers and students discover new ways daily of enjoying each other's company and stimulating because neither allows the other to be satisfied with the status quo, regardless of how successful the past and the present have been. 

Dreaming of the possibilities is not only recognized but celebrated, for the future appears first in the imagination of the learner. Here the teachers, staff parents and pupils will inspire each other to greater levels of wonder by fulfilling the expectations of a district devoted to the process of continual learning and the success that naturally accompanies it. And here the marvels that are accomplished by this community of learners as individuals and as members of learning teams will continually raise the bar of our expectations, accomplishments, and curiosity. The pride and spirit that are evident here are reflective of the uniqueness of an organization aggressively accepting the challenges of today and making them the hopes and promises of tomorrow.

Principal's Message

"Student achievement is the top priority. What is best for students should and will drive the decision-making this year and always. However, high performing schools are not founded on academics alone. Successful schools exist when students, teachers, parents, and the community work together. Aiea Intermediate School has a tradition of excellence because of the strength in these areas and I look forward to continuing to foster this partnership for the betterment of all students.

"It has been said, You get what you expect! I have high expectations for the students and staff of Aiea Intermediate School. Even though middle school can be a challenging time both academically and socially, I am confident that the programs and supports available here will lead to success for all Aiea students."

Tom Kurashige
Aiea Intermedate School Principal

BOE Policy Components

The following are the 6 components of the Hawaii Board of Education Parent/Family Involvement Policy:

Communicating — Communication between home and school is regular, two way, and meaningful. 

Parenting — Responsible parenting is promoted and supported. 

Student Learning
 — Parents play an integral role in assisting student learning, including successful achievement of the Hawaii Content and Performance Standards.

 — Parents are welcome in the school, and their support and assistance are sought. 

School Decision Making
 — Parents are partners in the decisions that affect children and families

Collaborating with the Community
 — Community resources are made available to strengthen school programs, family practices, and student learning.

Student Information Privacy

"Know your privacy rights as they apply to 1) Student record information; 2) directory information; 3) surveys and other information collection; and 4) military recruitment information. For more information on your privacy rights, laws that protect them, and how to exercise your rights, contact your school administrator or visit: http://bit.ly/FERPAHI

Notice of Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Statement

Click here for information about The Hawaii State Department of Education Notice of Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Statement (English and other languages) 

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Equity Specialist for Schools in the Aiea-Moanalua-Radford Complex

You may also contact this person for questions or concerns relating to non-discrimination and anti-harassment at your school:

Christina Simpson
Equity Specialist (Aiea-Moanalua-Radford Complex)
HIDOE Civil Rights Compliance Office 

Mailing Address:
C/O Aiea High School
98-1276 Ulune St.
Honolulu, HI 96701

Phone Number:
(808) 797-7685

Email Address:

Notice of Language Assistance

If you have difficulty understanding English, you have the right to receive language assistance at no cost to you. Please contact your school's principal for more information.

Notice of Language Assistance (Translated)

List of Resources for Interpretation and Translation Services

Hawaii Keiki Consent Forms

Hawaii Gun-Free Schools Act

The Hawaii Gun Free Act states:
  • A BB gun, an air gun, in addition to starter guns, shotguns, or cross bows along with any expolosives, or any weapon which will readily expel a projectile are considered violations of the Hawaii Gun Free Act.

  • Any student who violates the Hawaii Gun Free Act shall be excluded from attending school for not less than one calendar year. Only the Superintendent of Education, by a case-by-case basis, may modify the exclusion.
We ask for your assistance and support in maintaining a safe and secure school. Please discuss with your children about the importance of engaging in appropriate safe school behaviors, the need to inform school personnel if they see any item that can be construed as dangerous or as a weapon, and the consequences of the Hawaii Gun Free Act.

Tobacco-Free School System

In accordance with Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 31 Tobacoo-Free School System, smoking and other use of tobacco substances shall be prohibited at all times on all school property including classrooms, cafeteria, athletic field, and parking lot.

Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use Policy - 4220

The State of Hawaii's Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use Policy forbids the use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol in schools. The Zero Tolerance policy states that any child who possesses, sells, or uses illicit drugs or alcohol while attending school may be suspended as determined by the principal and approved by the Complex Area Superintendent.

MS4 Water Pollution Prevention Program

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